When does exhibitor registration open?

  • Exhibitor Registration is located in the Long Beach Convention Center Hall A between the hours of 2:00 pm-6:00 pm, on Friday, with Pre-show Inspection starting at 5:00 pm on Friday, June 9, 2023.

What are the Exhibit Hall hours?

  • The 2-Day expo Exhibitor Hours are as follows:

    Saturday, June 10, 2023

      • Final show inspection 8:00 am
      • Vet expo Open 9:30 am – 6:15 pm

    Sunday, June 11, 2023

      • Vet Expo Open 9:30 am -3:30 pm
      • Tear Down 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm. All exhibitors must be moved out by 7:30 pm on Sunday.

Tear down is not allowed prior to 3:30 pm


What does a 10’ x 10’ booth package include?

  • One 6-ft table, two chairs, and one waste basket
  • Identification sign
  • Three Name Badges for booth staff (includes catered lunches, breaks, and Vet Expo Mixer)
  • Company listing on PacVet.net, conference app, and related marketing material

Exhibitor Logo


Is carpet required?

  • Expo hall aisles are carpeted; however, individual booths are not. Exhibitor must provide appropriate floor covering or order carpet through the general service contractor AES. At final inspection, if your booth does not have floor covering, show management will have the booth carpeted at exhibitor’s expense.

How many badges do I get in my booth? Can I purchase additional badges?

  • Exhibitor badges are for exhibitor’s company staff only and must be worn at all times. Included in a 10×10 booth are 3 badges. In a 10×20 booth, you are allotted a total of 6 badges.
  • The exhibitor reserving the space is responsible for letting the Pacific Veterinary Conference know the names of their staff members by May 19, 2023. Additional exhibitor badges are available for $250, which includes all meals served in the Vet Expo. To purchase additional badges, click here.

May I set up my own booth?

  • Union jurisdictions prevail over the operation of all material-handling equipment, unloading and reloading, and handling of empty containers. Exhibitors may only move material that can be hand-carried by one person in one trip, without the use of luggage carts, hand trucks or other mechanical equipment.

As an exhibitor, can I attend conference sessions?

  • Exhibitors may attend sessions but are not eligible to receive CE credits or access the lecture notes.

What events are available to sponsor and how do I sign up?

When do we receive our exhibitor service kit?

  • American Exposition Service (AES) is the official General Service Contractor and will provide you your exhibitor service kit after receipt of full payment and booth assignment. Included in the exhibitor service kit are order forms for items you will need in your booth, lead retrieval, electrical, shipping information and rates. If you have been assigned a booth and have not received your exhibitor kit, please email:  info@american-expo.com or call (916) 925-3976.

Exhibitor loading and unloading at the Long Beach Convention Center

  • There are 3 loading docks that service the three Exhibit Halls. Please use the North Dock, titled Hall A. We will be assigned specific bays as we get closer to the meeting date.

Cart Service

  • Teamsters Union claims jurisdiction on the operation of all material handling equipment, all unloading and reloading, and handling of empty containers. An exhibitor may move materials that can be carried by hand, by one person in one trip, without the use of dollies, hand trucks or other mechanical equipment.
  • American Exposition Services Cart Load Service includes (1) man with pushcart from the dock to your booth, ROUND TRIP. Cart Load service is designated for small vehicle loading and unloading.  A ‘Small Vehicle’ is considered to be any vehicle that is primarily designated to transport passengers, not cargo or freight.  Each cartload is approximately (8) pieces or 200 lbs. with a maximum of 50 lbs. for any single piece for the single price of $205.80.

What is required for my Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

  • All exhibitors are required to provide AES with a copy of proof of liability insurance listing the California Veterinary Medical Association, the Pacific Veterinary Conference, and the Long Beach Convention Center as additional insured. Please email your certificate to Erica Ferrier at eferrier@cvma.net no later than May 20, 2023. View sample of Certificate of Insurance here.

Lead Retrieval

  • If you would like to order your lead retrieval device, you must do so by May 12, 2023 to take advantage of the discounted price. View lead retrieval form here.

Advance Shipping / Deliveries:

  • The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center does not have a shipping & receiving department for events held at the facility. Packages/Freight will not be accepted and will be turned away. All shipments should go through American Exposition Service (AES). Shipping labels should include the event name & specific location (Hall A, Grand Ballroom). AES transportation can arrange ground, air, or expedited shipping so you are assured your materials will arrive on time. Exhibitor Service specialist can be reached 8:00 am -5:00 pm PST at (916) 925-3976 or info@american-expo.com.

Exhibitor Parking

  • Exhibitor parking is $15 per day located at the Promenade Garage on Pine Ave across from California Pizza Kitchen (under promenade Lobby). View parking map here.

Can I have a raffle at my booth?

  • Raffle drawings are permitted within a booth, but the exhibit hall and/or Pacific Veterinary conference public address system cannot be used to promote these raffles in any way.

Attendee List

  • PacVet does not distribute the attendee list under any circumstances. The only way for exhibitors to obtain attendee info is via lead retrieval onsite through ExpoBadge.