About the California Veterinary Medical Association

The CVMA is the largest state veterinary medical association in the nation with more than 7,800 members. We are committed to serving our membership and community through innovative leadership and improving animal and human health in an ethically and socially responsible manner.

CVMA’s 15-member Board of Governors sets the policy and vision for the association and is fiscally responsible for its actions.

CVMA Board of Governors

Dr. Elisabeth Klapstein, President
Dr. Keith Rode, President-Elect
Dr. Michael Karle, Member-at-Large

Dr. George Bishop, Treasurer
Dr. Peter Bowie
Dr. Patrick Connolly
Dr. Larry Correia
Dr. Jennifer Hawkins

Dr. Adam Lauppe
Dr. Julia Lewis
Dr. Peter Mangold
Dr. Teresa Morishita
Dr. James White
Dr. Jodi Woods
Dr. Peter Vogel

Dr. Dirk Yelinek

CVMA Staff

Daniel Baxter, Executive Director: dbaxter@cvma.net
Della Yee, Assistant Executive Director: dyee@cvma.net
Lily Briggs, Meetings and Events Coordinator: lbriggs@cvma.net
Erica Ferrier, Meetings and Events Coordinator: eferrier@cvma.net 
Kristen Calderon, Director of Communications: kcalderon@cvma.net
Nicole Campos, Communications & Continuing Education Coordinator: ncampos@cvma.net
Taryn DeOilers, Publications Manager: tdeoilers@cvma.net