Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who can attend the Pacific Veterinary Conference?

A: All veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, CVMA Certified Veterinary Assistants, veterinary staff and DVM/RVT students. 

Q: How many professionals typically attend the Pacific Veterinary Conference?

A: Approximately 1,700 veterinary professionals.

Q: Is the conference at the hotel?

A: Yes, the Vet Expo and all CE sessions will take place at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel.

Q: How will I know where to go?

A: Directional signs will be posted around the hotel. You may also ask Pacific Veterinary Conference staff and/or hotel staff.

Q: Is parking available?

A: Yes. Parking is available onsite and in nearby parking garages.

Q: Are there options for daycare?

A: Yes, guests may contact the hotel’s concierge desk for assistance in finding licensed daycare providers in the area.

Q: Will there be dietary-specific food options available?

A: If you require special dietary needs please, contact the PacVet office by email at or by phone at 800.655.2862.


Q: Are meals included in the registration fee?

A: Yes, there are at least 19 food events:

  • Four continental breakfasts
  • Hosted breaks
  • Two lunches provided in the Exhibit Hall on Friday and Saturday
  • Evening receptions

Q: Are lecture notes included in the registration fee?

A: Lecture notes are complimentary on the conference mobile app, the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) website, and at However, Lecture notes can be bought on a flash drive for $15. 

Q: Can office staff share or split days?

A: See Staff Group Registration or Discount Practice Team Registration.

Continuing Education Credits 

Q: How many CE hours are offered?

A: The conference will offer more than 245+ hours of CE.

  • Veterinarians can earn up to 28.5 hours of CE.
  • Technicians can take advantage of 26.5 hours of technician-specific CE.

Q: Are Pacific Veterinary Conference CE hours RACE approved?


  • The California Veterinary Medical Association, the sponsor of the Pacific Veterinary Conference, is a statutorily approved CE provider in California.
  • CE earned at the Pacific Veterinary Conference will be accepted by the California Veterinary Medical Board toward the mandatory 36 hours required every two years for re-licensure.
  • Most states will accept CVMA-sponsored CE.


  • To receive credit for your CE at the Pacific Veterinary Conference, you must follow proper procedures per the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (TBVME).
  • Sign in at the Information Desk upon arrival. 
  • Track your CE hours on the CE Certificate of Attendance.
  •  Sign out before you leave the conference.
  • A Pacific Veterinary Conference staff member must verify your hours and give you a certificate of attendance/completion. (Per the TBVME these certificates cannot be mailed or given out after the conference).

All other states

  • Contact your local Veterinary Medical Board or licensing agency to determine what CE at the Pacific Veterinary Conference qualifies in your state.
  • Contact the Pacific Veterinary Conference staff prior to the conference with any questions or special requirements by email at or by phone at 800.655.2862.

Q: Do I sign up for each session I want to attend?

A: Sessions are open to all registered attendees. Hands-on laboratories, symposiums, and workshops require additional registration and fees. (Guests may not attend sessions).

Q: How do I keep track of the sessions I attend so I can submit my CE to my state regulator?

A: To keep track of your sessions, you will receive a CE Certificate of Attendance at check-in to record your hours and keep for your records. Do not turn it into the registration desk.


Are pets, companion/emotional support animals permitted at the Pacific Veterinary Conference (PacVet)?

Pets, animal companions and emotional support animals are NOT permitted in classrooms, exhibit hall and conference-sponsored events.

What types of animals are permitted at the Pacific Veterinary Conference?

There are three categories of animals permitted at PacVet:

  1. Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act to include only dogs and miniature horses who are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.  Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify.
  2. Animals on exhibit or participating in sponsored events during the PacVet Conference that have been preregistered with required documentation.
  3. Animals participating in labs, workshops or other approved educational events and under supervision of the PacVet management team.

If you are planning to bring an animal to PacVet please notify Della Yee at  A Live Animal Submission Form will be emailed to owners and handlers with further instructions, including a list of required documentation. All animals must be under their handler’s control at all times.  All animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered unless those devices will interfere with a service animal’s work (as defined above).  Handlers will be asked to remove their animal from the event if they cannot control the animal.

*Service animal handlers are encouraged – but not required – to complete this process.

The San Francisco Hilton Union’s Square does allow pets in guest rooms. Please refer to their pet policy for full details.